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FMR has achieved measurable results in all of its work with clients. Bottom-line improvements should be expected as a result of doing work with us. The results expected do vary based upon the complexity and the extent of the opportunities.

Here are some of the areas that can be affected by our programs and reasonable ranges of results that may be anticipated:

Typical Results

These are only a few examples of areas of opportunity that have seen significant improvements as a result of participation in one of our Projects. The percent (%) ranges indicate a percentage of improvement over a previous year Base Period.

Accounts Receivable collections 
25% - 50%
Bad Debts
40% - 50%
Capital Utilization
30% - 50%
25% - 50%
Cycle Time 
20% - 40%
Labour Hours 
20% - 30%
Office Forms and Paperwork
10% - 35%
Penalties & Past Due charges 
30% - 50%
Risk Mitigation 
80% - 95%
Fraud, Employee Theft & Shrink 
15% - 35%
Customer Relations
15% - 30%
Resource Utilization & Productivity 
20% - 30%

These are some of the highlights of a relationship with FMR . How they would apply to you and your organization would depend on the individual and unique circumstances existing in your operations.

A business meeting with FMR would be the best way for our two companies to gauge the extent of any opportunity and to assess the projected results.

Contact us for further details, or to put us on your calendar. We guarantee that a meeting with us will not be a waste of your time.


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