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We offer a full range of complete business services. Here are a few examples of our capabilities:

Performance Analysis and Assessment
Most businesses have some portion of their operations performing below the corporate average, which generally acts as an anchor on what the overall combined corporate assets could be earning, particularly in the minds of investors.

We perform an independent assessment of those operations and identify for management what increasing levels of investment are required to make those activities effective and out perform their previous records.

Based on what management prefers to do, we are well qualified to implement the recommended changes to the existing organization. However, if that operation or business is no longer compatible with the overall mission of the business, we can discretely identify new owners who would willingly acquire those assets and resources.

Financial and Operational Controls
More often than not, an under performing business unit still fits into the overall corporate strategic plan, but encounters difficulty in meeting the operational and financial objectives that have been identified for that unit.

We identify and install the necessary metrics and Management Controls to accurately monitor and control both business decisions and remedial actions. Typically we begin with an assessment of the standard costs for operating the business, and then establish operations metrics to the lowest level of accountability.

Business Process Redesign and Implementation
With the proper Measurement Controls identified and implemented, the variances between actual performance and standard quickly appear, allowing management the ability to take proper remedial actions.

We offer the ability to rethink the basic business processes and improve throughput and productivity with our ‘outside-the-box’ perspective. Our ability to deliver measurable financial results is based upon our years of hands-on change management skills, from the point of execution through to the Boardroom.

Information Technology
Many times businesses are fundamentally sound, but do not achieve their goals due to the lack of current and/or accurate information on which to base decisions. Businesses have outgrown their ability to process critical transactions due, in part, to their existing legacy systems.

First we analyze the information needs of management, followed by the current limitations of the existing legacy systems. Wherever possible we seek to save costly and time consuming efforts by our clients as they attempt to install new and/or duplicate software. We understand that you have a business to operate first, and that the system should be subservient to the needs of that business, and are not so complicated and intrusive so as to distract from your core business.

We are able to work behind the scenes to achieve the desired results. We often are able to use your current, existing systems and capabilities, by building upon those processes that are familiar to your organization.

Organizational Development
Often, client management is so involved with meeting the challenges of the competition, that very little time is left for upgrading the skill sets which those members brought with them. While the basic fundamentals of the business remain the same, the tools that technology provides often subtly change the process by which information is distributed for making decisions and taking actions. Consequently, over time, management skill sets need to be upgraded.

We bring an advanced set of evaluation and proficiency techniques to determine which skills of your management team need to be strengthened to make the team more effective. We apply our technique to all levels of management where accountability exists, from front-line management to senior executives. We don’t teach functionality; we teach and coach to achieve teamwork.


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